20 Jun 2005

Rained all night?

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Sometimes a word has the ability to conjure up not only an image, but a scent, a day dream, and ever so rarely a tingle at the nape of your neck.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Like the word

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1 Jun 2005

Message in a bottle

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Something short of paradise. Devbagh, which is about 20 kms from < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Goa is an island where you can actually lead the whole Robinson Crusoe existence.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Untouched beaches, the cool surf, shimmering sunlight lighting up a strip of the ocean, barbeques by the ocean , and waking up to the sound of the waves

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22 May 2005


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The Joan of Arc-type woman looked defiantly at the bridge, lit the torch and set the structure ablaze.The flames curled beautifully around the pillars, sparks swirled around with the evening air, the smoke stung her already-wet eyes.

Another bridge burnt to ashes.

They made interesting patterns in the water, the remnants...they flowed with a purpose around the ripples, got caught in the eddies here and there, but finally did manage to move on.

No one had found her out just yet. About being the bridge-burner, that is.She usually did it when everyone least expected it. One moment she would be crossing the path, as it was her routine, the next she would be compelled to see it reduced to nothingness - as if to wipe out every memory of its existence.

She had often wondered about the wierdness of it all. Why would you want to annihilate something that had become such an indispensible part of your life, something that let you look into the depths for as long as you wanted, and never once questioned you?
You would spend hours on its back, pace up and down, or simply sit with your legs dangling over the edge and hear the crickets song in the evenings.

She had once tried keeping track of the number of times she had let this obsession take over her. But now, it seemed futile; there were simply too many...too too many...

She then set off in another direction - to find another stream to cross, another brigdge to discover, or build.

And as much as it excited her, it came with a forewarning that not too far into the future, she would have the smoke in her eyes once again.



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10 May 2005


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1 Apr 2005

second gear

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Another night. Another day. At midnight the line often blurs.
So does your eye - that has seen more than its share during the waking hours and longs to shut away the day that was.

The rain beats a pleasant beat on the panes - but you are achingly dry inside the glass palace. Your mind's eye pictures the sights and sounds that lie beyond - the scent of the clouds on wet earth, the tickle of the breeze on your nose tip.The arms of a lover who knows every curve.

The twinkle of gray buildings that come to life when deprived of day, the rhythm of traffic that has no agenda.

The world is in second gear at this hour of night...and you reach out to touch that perfection that drops just beyond your fingertips.



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20 Mar 2005

midnight musings...

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 And you’ve done it again. Spoken the unspoken, done the forbidden, turned a blind eye to the obvious, voiced your opinion when it wasn’t asked for, kept silent when you should have protested.

And things are never the same after. How many point of no returns are there exactly? And how come the point of no return is always the most visited?

a death row pardon two minutes too late…
And thereby hangs an uninteresting tale.

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3 Mar 2005


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Another one that went away. Sacrificed to a particularly painful event called the past.

And all I'm left with are mails I had the good-sense not to delete, an inbox that thankfully supports a huge archive of messages and yes, a music collection that was created specially for me.An album compiled halfway into the night - just so it would reach on time to fill the desolate hours. So I would never get lonely.
The music plays on - more in my mind than on the speakers; each word taking on a larger-than-life dimension.
I know that each song was selected with great care - to say all that was doomed to remain unspoken, to substitute for all that would never be; to give the impermance an illusion of eternity...

But the band must play on; and with one last soulful tribute you turn your back to the world you  created of memories and could-have-beens....

"Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?
Would you feel the same ...?
I must be strong and carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong here in Heaven "


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2 Feb 2005

drops that made the ocean

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It rained all night. The water beat mercilessly on the windshield, I was doing all I could to keep the windows from getting fogged up, frantically wiping them with the palms of my nervous hand

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31 Jan 2005

the metro touch..

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Have you ever gone into a parlour placing your entire trust in the able hands of the chinky-looking expert beautician expecting her to transform you into the swan you always imagined yourself to be, paid her a handsome fee, along with a generous tip and come out looking like a plucked chicken?

Welcome to the world of hot wax sores and beauticians from hell. (this is not to hurt the sentiments of any, it's just that I have had the misfortune of meeting the worst of the lot)

They are a deceptive lot, mind you. Housed in swany looking parlours with endless walls displaying chic haircuts and smelling of the divine-est 'imported' cosmetics, they sure as hell know how to make this look good.

Peace prevails till you are graciously seated on the oversized bean bag, 'cosmopolitan' in hand, tapping your foot in rhythm to the latest remix number.

Then you hear the calling. You will be escorted to the appropriate section, they tell you, by the ahem, nice (obese) lady in the apron. And oh, the nice (obese, smiling) lady will look into your needs.

Bzzzz!this is when the first alarm bell in your head goes off.Escorted to the appropriate room?Why cant they do this somewhere close to the cosy bean bag..where the nice looking lady at the counter can supervise, just in case?

Nopes...and you soon know why. The 'appropriate section' is like one of those torture chambers they show in the movies..suspect paraphrenalia lying around, no idea what they use it for, hot wax already steaming in the corner, smelling nothing like the imported stuff outside..a hard chair to sit on (which they can recline at will) and nice (obese, never used deo) lady who isnt so nice anymore.

Sigh!And we wonder why life's most pensive moments are spent in the parlour chair. Some gender issues come to mind as well..is this what the metro guy really desires??

Gladly mister... I would like to see the silky smooth skin on you for a change. And don't forget the arched eyebrows...they don't cost much.

So move over nice (obese,never used deo scowling) lady...I think I'll skip the hot wax sores this time.

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25 Jan 2005

Morning saga

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The chaotic Monday morning. An event that no amount of preparation,visualization reconciliation and prayer can ever prepare you for.
The day when all that’s meant to go wrong actually does. And all you’re left with are memories of now pleasant weekend hangovers, late mornings, breakfast in bed (it’s not really as royal as it sounds) and sigh! no alarm clocks.
Doesn’t help either if your fellow-colleagues suffer perpetually from PMS (yes, hardly any men at work to speak of, sadly).
The situation at work today was much akin to a catfight. Claws protracted, fangs bared, tails in attention…the stage was set for war.
Snappy women when in a room together are not the best company. For other women, specially.

However, I am happy to inform the world at large that Monday mornings, thankfully, are very short-lived. They make up only 1/7th of all mornings in the week…which, in the larger scheme of things, isn’t so bad.
Like PMS, if you manage to get through the first few hours, life is beautiful once more…the birds are chirping again, your boyfriend doesn’t resemble the ultimate MCP anymore (this is experience speaking) and the claws are retracted.

Goodbye Monday morning. Until next week then.

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21 Jan 2005


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Did you ever feel like your writing lacked 'soul'. Like they were all just words randomly scattered about, but didn't really convey the depth of what you were struggling to say?

Like the keyboard was merely assisting you spin out coherent language, but failed to capture the insanty of the feeling behind the fingers?

Like beautiful lyrics with no melody, like a job that only provides you with a fat cheque at the end of the month.

Like what I'm doing right now.

Hitting in the dark to get the right flow of words, the right order of placing them, the right grammar, the right punctuation, the right soul.

Like words lack soul sometimes, perhaps we do too. Trying hard to get the right order , and yet the feeling of doing what you really want to do eludes you.

And we drift..in a sea of words, actions, gestures and thoughts. Plod on through this crazy maze of time..knowing that this isn't where you should be, where you want to be.

Never knowing, but always knowing that what you do lacks the essence, lacks the soul.

Lacks the right words, dammit.

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20 Jan 2005

Overcoming Vertigo...

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Am here to outperform the performers! Aren't we all, like dear friend, Fanseller pointed out?

Sadly, seems like my motivation to actually do that is is sadly nothing much to speak of.Ahem, apologies to the guys on this site who never fail to tell me how 'forgotten' by blog actually is!

Have been wondering about this whole 'is there a point to life' question.
Starting on ground zero - supposing there actually isn't a point - is a good place to begin this particular train of thought.

So there isn't a point.

But poetry still lives, so does the heady feeling of smelling the flowers on an impromptu walk down the street..and the tears still come when you watch a sad movie.

All this,we must remember, are perks u still get, despite knowing that the end of your life holds nothing but a rotting of a body and mind that faithfully deluded you into thinking that you would never cease to be.

And if this is all there is, all there will ever be and all that ever was, i want to get my money's worth.

So be it if the world turns truant and changes on me..so be it if i wake up one morning to find the pages of my diary being used to clean doggy poo..so be it if the bungee rope snaps the very day I overcome vertigo n take the plunge..

So be it..So be it...

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17 Jan 2005

Been a while...

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Seem to be doing a guest appearance here every once in a while..but what the heck, like my dog, the blog loves me unconditionally..no questions asked.

While on the subject, a great debate took place today between two great minds of our times.(Their greatness, of course, will be apparent only posthumously...like it sadly oft happens to all people great.)

Love,they said, was nothing but.Phooey to all the mills n boon variety,phooey to soulmates even. The high is gone much too soon, and it's usually the hangover that lives to tell the tale that once was.

How true,how true. When the honeymoon's over, time to give my side of the bed back.And your smelly socks, you can launder them yourself, and oh, would you mind doing mine too?

Great battle lines are drawn..and defended with utmost care. So much for the two-peas in a pod that you once were.

And that, the great minds concluded, was the ultimate paradox of life. While man is a great island (for want of a better word,again)called individuality, he must still belong to another..many others, in fact.

In other words, you can't escape the potty training, but what you have to do, you have to do alone.

hmm..quite a profound thought..seem to be having a lot of those today funnily.

And so the great thinkers parted ways, with yet another dignified handshake  and saying 'chin up' to each other.

And then they were lost to the annals of yesterday..where thoughts merge and everything ceases to exist.

And they walked away into the twilight with only the great paradox for company...debating,yet solo.

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26 Nov 2004

My way

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Born Free… to follow your heart...live free, the world still astounds you each time you look at the stars…and life is worth living only because you’re born free.. Frank Sinatra

Free to step beyond yourself and go as far your mind will take you. There are as many possibilities as there are thoughts; each thought opening a pathway to the thrill of the unknown, the un-tread.

And each moment in time you are standing at the two-roads-in-the-yellow-woods Frost immortalized with his words.
But you know what? I’m always glad I took the other. I really am. The road, like they say, hasn’t always been like an endless expressway, but the journey has always been a reward, for better or for worse.
The thrill I guess always comes from knowing that it was my way, and no one else’s - the thrill of knowing that the road was taking me somewhere, that there would be pleasant stops on the way; coffee breaks watching the sunset; hours spent looking out the window at blurred somethings – the colors creating a dreamy canvas for a tired mind.

And the road goes on - some jump off; some are pushed away because they fear the others whizzing past; some finish the journey too soon because they accidentally dozed off while driving at night – even when they were the best travel companions ever. They leave behind them a cloud of painful numbness; never to go, never to disperse even with the brightest sun.
But the road goes on – it stretches into the nothingness that you could only visit with your mind, and in time, it becomes the mind. The journey becomes the mind. Taking you where you would want to go, subconsciously, unconsciously, wide-awake.

’free…as the wind blows… the world still astounds you each time you look at the stars…and life is worth living only because you’re born free..’

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3 Nov 2004

how to cross a half-foot ledge on 2 feet

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Blazing hot, with only a rusty old structure for cover, stuck in the interiors of Andhra with only your adventurous spirit for company. We got adventurous and trekked upto an anicut; check dam from where the gushing water made quite a pretty sight.An 'anicut' incidentally, is a structure constructed across a stream to raise the water level that can be used for irrigation/drinking. More development learnings..from the rugged terrain itself. The structure I'm talking about was constructed over 150 years ago by an Arthur Cotton...i was, literally, taking a trip down history.

We had to trek a distance to get a birds eye view of the construction...scaling along a half-foot ledge sideways, with a sheer drop below(NGC style). The trick, they say is not to look at the drop below, but focus on your feet (which are a poor diversion anyway when standing on a half-foot of support)

This was definitely one of those moments where the potential of seeing your life flashing before your eyes is heightened to an uncomfortable level. The ledge,not to miss, was 250 years itself, and crumbled with the slightest touch; threatening to give way.

I sometimes get stupidly pensive and wonder how many more such adventures lie in store for me..pushing myself to go a little further with each step..coupled of course with the thrill of having reached a new high. A high which becomes a precedent in itself, a point of no-return of sorts. And there's salvation; from knowing all that can ever be known;in the best way possible.

To salvation, then - one step away.

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